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Pressing societal, economic and environmental challenges surround us and impact investors are making a difference, and you can too. Impact investing - private investment into mission-driven organizations working to address some of our greatest societal, economic, and environmental challenges - offers you an opportunity to generate potential financial returns while expanding your personal impact. Explore ImpactUs Marketplace to find the investment products that match your personal and financial goals.

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ImpactUs Marketplace offers financial professionals simplified product sourcing, secure, reliable reporting and one central platform where you can view all your client's impact investments. ImpactUs Marketplace gives you the tools to meet growing investor demand for impact investments; to grow your client relationships and your impact.

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ImpactUs Marketplace seamlessly connects mission-driven organizations to purpose-driven investors and their advisors while reducing costs, unlocking catalytic funds that can empower your organization to fully realize its mission and vision.

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ImpactUs Marketplace offers investors access to a wide variety of impact investment products. We encourage you to explore these products and find the ones that meet your impact, financial and risk objectives.

If you are an institutional or accredited investor you can search additional investment opportunities after registering with ImpactUs.

Explore / Select Investments

Here are some tips to help you get started.

Understand the impact areas:

  Investments that promote equal access to safe, healthy, affordable housing for all individuals and families.
  Investments that promote educational equity for all communities.
  Investments that address environmental challenges and create a more sustainable world.
  Investments that foster healthy communities through education, prevention, and equal access to healthcare services.
 Investments to provide small loans to entrepreneurs seeking to start or expand microbusinesses.
 Investments to mitigate hunger, provide equal access to healthy foods, and/or improve environmental impacts through sustainable agriculture.
  Investments that support the economic, physical, and mental health of older adults.
 Investments that help small businesses grow and remain stable community contributors.

Further refine your search by product type:

Debt – Debt instruments are a promise to pay the investor a specified rate of interest at periodic intervals, over a specified length of time (the term). When the term expires, the instrument has “matured” and the issuer returns the original investment (principal) to the investor.

Debt instruments carry the risk that the issuer will be unable to pay interest as promised and/or return the principal, this is known as credit risk. Private-placement debt products listed on the ImpactUs Marketplace are not publicly traded and are intended for investor who do not need a liquid investment.

Equity – Equity investments confer partial ownership to the investor. Investment results are tied to the success of the issuer, and gains and losses accrue to the investor in proportional share to their ownership.

Equity investments carry the risk that the issuer may not perform as expected, and/or the risk of loss of principal invested. Private-placement equity products listed on ImpactUs Marketplace are not publicly traded and are intended for investor who do not need a liquid investment.

You should consult your financial and tax professional who can help you assess how these investments can fit into your overall portfolio and how they might affect your tax situation.

Search by other investment parameters:

Minimum investment – The minimum dollar amount required to invest

Term – The length of time you wish to hold the investment

Estimated Yield – The issuer's estimated financial return on the investment; returns are never guaranteed and past performance is not indicative of future results

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Once your account is open, click “Invest” on the product tile you’d like to invest in. Be sure to read all offering materials and check the box acknowledging you have done so before you invest. After reviewing these materials, at the top of the product's page, input the dollar amount you’d like to invest and select a rate and term combination if necessary. Select how you want to fund the investment; from an external account, through ACH or wire transfer, or by check. Then you will receive electronic notification of your pending investment and a final confirmation once funds have been received.

Track Your Investments

Track your investments at any time and follow their impact from your personal account dashboard. You will also receive quarterly investor reports from ImpactUs Marketplace.